Sometimes, I’m funny, sometimes very serious,sometimes I think, I know the difference between ‘Human being’ and ‘Being a Human’. I want to spend the rest of my life ‘being a human’. 

I am 50 years of old, but feel like 23. After spring of 2016, every year on December 10 comes up, knocks at my door by saying hello Rafique, you are getting older and now ……

During the Corona virus crisis, I was almost pretty much ready to apply for a PhD in Media and Communication related to International Relations. Because my master’s degree is from this field, from the University of Dhaka and I was trying to blend these two subjects and go for research. But for one good reason, I have changed my mind. NO PhD. Let’s try to survive 2020 then 2021 might have been much better anyways.

The reason I told this story is that I can do anything at any age there is no doubt about that. Fortune-teller told me I have Will power which is very rare. Difficulties, problems, adversity, challenges, happiness, and unhappiness all are a part of life. I have faced tremendous pressure and challenges the last couple of years but I am still alive. The taste of challenges was fade out when I overcome the obstacles. Anyways that’s it. This is me. 

I have graduated in the year of ….., from University of Regina, Sk. Canada holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. That almost five years undergraduate program in Journalism has eventually formed the foundation of my determination in achieving a deep knowledge in the field of Journalism.

Throughout the journalism course, I owned a baby name Weekly Jogajog, serving Bangladeshi Community across Canada.  A rapid change in journalism performance, Weekly Jogajog turns into in 2016.

My journey as a human being had started during the period of Liberation war. Therefore, as a first child of Mr. Shirajul Islam Bhuiyan and Mrs. Samsunnahar begum was not unhappy but the time was seriously not compassionate enough for them due to the war. 

However, those who are getting their SSC in 1986, almost all of my friends came to this world at the same time. Madhabdi S. P. Institution, Narsingdi was my school and HSC in 1988 from the Govt. Science College, Dhaka. Then the struggling life started. There was not a single address in Dhaka which my family belonged to. So that relatives house, hostel, hall, share room here and there was the living address in Dhaka for me. I took it easy. Consequently, in 1993, I owned the first coaching centre at Jatrabari, Dhaka. By 1996 I had three coaching centres and I was a student of Dhaka University that time. In 1996, all of a sudden, Charka advertising was my second business. I showed the Narsingdi business community some innovative ideas in the printing business through CHARKA AD.

I became a Rotary member in 1997. From a ‘human being’ to embrace ‘being a human’, Rotary International gave me this chance. Thanks to all Rotarians. People used to tell me I am a sociable person and hard-working. Moreover, these two types of portrays made me dream about making new friends, work with different people, reach little bit higher than normal. I got the diversified attitude to run my business and life.

All of a sudden, an opportunity came in the year 2000 to go to Canada. My school teacher father passed away February 15 the same year. That is why, I changed my mind to go to Canada beginning of the year 2001. In Canada, life was sometimes black and white also occasionally full colour. Whatever, I am a Canadian Citizen that was the accomplishments like the other educational and occupational attainments. It would be an unjustice if I do not mention one-person name, Micky Mendelsohn, president of the Puffy Fashions, who was my first and foremost mentor in my Canadian life. I used to be a manager of his company for more than 9 years in Montreal. To sum up, actually, I was not feeling extremely comfortable by trying to escape one part of my life.

My family.  I have one and only generous son ALVEE BHUIYAN, lives in Regina, SK. Canada, with his beautiful mom Suraiya Begum. 

They have their own big house and Alvee has a Mercedes Benz. WOW. They are very rich. On the other side,

I have neither in Canada nor in Bangladesh any house to live with. Ha Ha Ha. I am rich too. Unfortunately, Suraiya is my ex-wife. My son is going to the same university as me, University of Regina. Best wishes to them.

…………. I have friends……. friends……and …. friends……. I