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My Life

I am Rafique Bhuiyan. My mother said that I was born on Vadro maser 4 tarikh (4th Vadro, Bangla year). She could not reveal the Bangla year. Before my school teacher father passed away, he had a diary and all of my four siblings date of birth was written there, which was lost. Therefore, educational certificates were my only dependable guardian which tells me December 10, is my birth day. 

Although, I am 50 now, undoubtedly feel like 23.1 tried a lot to get older but scared to face the reality of expiring. Since, I have come to this world, my educational accomplishments were not that great, but I did not quit. I ‘m continue trying to upgrade my educational credentials. 


What I Do

I’d like to introduce myself as journalist because of my professional journalism degree. Despite this, I have a business for educational & immigration consultancy

As a Journalist, I have to gather news and spread it through different forms of media. But,we all know practicing Journalism is not the same every where in the world. It depends where you live. I’d like to share my educational and occupational experience with students and professionals who wants to go to abroad. That is why I speak in different way to reach people. I like to communicate with people. In Canada, I used to work in a fashion industry almost 9 years. Along with this job, I used to work in a newspaper for getting myself busy and make little bit more money to survive. When I was a full time student in a Journalism school, I used to organize cultural shows in Canada with the Bangladeshi Community.

Know About Me

Rafique Bhuiyan,

BA, Journalism from University of Regina, Canada

MA, International Relations from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

I’ve completed my MA in International Relations from the university of Dhaka, Bangladesh. BA honors from the University of Regina, SK. Canada from the field of Journalism. I got few others certificates from McGill University, Montreal, Canada and some others from different institutions. 

My SSC was in 1986 from Madhabdi S.P. Institution, Narsingdi. Govt. Science College, Dhaka honoured by giving me the certificate in 1988 for HSC. After that there was no life. Struggle, struggle and struggle to get the real answer of the definition of L I F E. 

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Listen To me

I have a youtube channel named Achieve Canada. On that channel I’ve created a playlist named “5 Minutes with Rafique Bhuiyan”

On that show, I usually talk about immigration &visa processing. 

If anyone is interested to go to abroad, can follow this channel

Jogajog 24, an online newspaper which is widely known to the Bangladeshi Community in Canada. Now a days, it has become a well known newsportal in Bangladesh too